Holster Care

Kydex and Leather Hybrid Style Holster Care and Maintenance


Thank you for your support. I appreciate your business!! Your Keyhole Holster has been crafted right here in the USA with PRIDE!


Keyhole Holsters started in 2012 with a goal to build a premium quality holster, without compromises. A holster which is highly durable, and comfortable for concealed carry. To provide a holster which is comfortable for all-day use, protects the firearm, and provides full protection of the trigger. Today, I am building holsters with this same exact goal.

Your hybrid holster is made with 11-12 ounce premium English bridle leather, and a thermoformed polymer trademarked .080” thick Kydex for the shell. This combination of proven materials provides unparalleled comfort and protection.


To maintain your leather, I suggest you treat the leather with Mink Oil which should be applied lightly, rubbed into the grain, and on an as needed basis. The edges of the holster can be cleaned with a piece of jean material.


As for the Kydex holster shell, and once removed from the leather backer, you can clean with dish soap and warm water. Dry with a hand towel , and then reassemble. If the retention needs to be adjusted you can do so by tightening or loosening the mounting hardware. Anytime you remove the screws be sure to use blue Loctite.


Break-in of the holster will take place over a period of time depending on a few variables. Like any great baseball glove, it will get better with time. The leather will form to your exact torso contours. Be sure to check the hardware of your holster, and tighten as needed. Included with your holster is a spare set of shorter screws and spacers to tighten retention.


Lastly, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your holster at any time I will make it right. I offer a 14 day money back guarantee, and a no hassle repair/replacement policy for the original owner.




Thank you again for your support,


Veteran Owned, American Made


Carry with PRIDE, carry with Keyhole Holsters!