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  • Shield 9/40 Holster
    The Nano is designed for all-day concealed carry. Hybrid holsters are the most comfortable holster on the market today. I take pride in my work, and I use only the highest quality components. All components are selected...

  • Nano Tuck-n-Hide holster, Glock 26 holster
    Nano Tuck-n-Hide Holster   Nano Tuck-n-Hide hybrid holster offers all day concealed carry comfort with the ability to tuck your shirt in, and completely conceal the pistol. The addition of the grip concealment claw...

  • Shield appendix carry holster
    Pitch Black Holster Nano Rapid On-off Hybrid Holster 11-12 ounce English Bridle Leather 0.080" Black Kydex  Adjustable Retention Adjustable CANT (0-10deg). Loosen the hardware, adjust the clip, and re-tighten...

  • M&P Shield Hybrid Holster
    Quick Ship holsters are in stock, and ship within 1-3 days. Limited supply, and items will be updated as I make them available. All quick ship holsters are Nano Rapid On-off hybrid holsters, Right Handed, 1.5" belt clip,...

  • Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Hybrid Holster with Spartan Helmet Embossing
    Choose between Natural Tan or Black 10-12 ounce premium English bridle leather, and the Kydex shell is a robust .080″ thick to provide plenty of protection. The belt clips are upgraded powder coated spring steel for...

  • Off Duty Carry Concealment Kydex Hybrid Holster  - Thin Blue Line
    Thin Blue Line Holster, Nano Rapid On-off or Nano Tuck-n-hide .080" Thick Kydex. 10/11 ounce hand selected premium English bridle leather finished in black. Police Blue edge stitching. Assembled with metal screws and...

  • Rustic Flag Kydex, Shield 45 holster, 1.5" Rapid On-off belt clip
    American Pride Holster, Nano Rapid On-off or Nano Tuck-n-hide .080" Thick Kydex done in American Flag w/ Spartan Helmet & Molan Labe 11/12 ounce premium English bridle leather finished in black, and is hand selected...

  • Shield IWB Mag Carrier
    Micro-Mag Carrier   Rapid On-off or Tuck-n-hide options, See Pictures!!! The inside the waistband (IWB) Micro-Mag Carrier provides a full leather backer to keep the rounds, and the magazine tips off your skin/torso...

  • Light Mounted Hybrid Holster Glock 19/23 Surefire TLR-1
    Light Mounted Hybrid Holster   Conceal Carry in All-Day comfort with a Complete Concealment Hybrid Holster specifically designed for light mounted pistols. Popular light models include Streamlight XC-1, Streamlight...

  • Shield OWB Holster
    Recon OWB Hybrid Holster     The Recon OWB hybrid holster is designed for concealed carry. The unique outside the waistband GRIP-TUCK feature pulls the grips in close to your torso to prevent printing. The belt...

  • Velcro Backed Holster
    Velcro backed holsters are designed so you can mount your holster with Velcro brand hook and loop. I have selected the best hook and loop available. The adhesive is acrylic based, (instead of rubber), so it will withstand...

  • Ladies Holster Designs
    Nano Ladies Holsters are designed as the perfect solution to comfortable IWB concealed carry with personalized options. Most people will abandon IWB carry due to the uncomfortable nature of the rear sights digging into the...

  • Minimalist Wallet
    The Nano Pocket Carry Wallet combines the craft of leather working with new Kydex patterns for a unique minimalist wallet.    This front pocket wallet is designed to carry plenty of cards between the leather and...

  • Weapon Mounted Light Hybrid IWB Holster
    The Weapon Mounted Light hybrid holster comes standard with a 1.5" Rapid On-off belt clip. Choose between Natural Tan or Black 10-12 ounce premium English bridle leather, and a variety of colors/patterns so you can...

  • ULTICLIP Holster attachment
    Choose from the dropdown list

  • Centurion Double Carry Holster
    The Centurion Double Carry Holster   The Centurion Double Carry Holster is a comfortable pistol AND magazine concealed carry option. The leather protects your torso, hips, and pelvis from the slide, rear-sights, and...

  • 3" Round Keyhole Holsters Decal
      3" round Keyhole Holsters white logo vinyl decal - $3  

  • Gun Belt
    BioLife Belt - The ULTRA durable belt that will last a lifetime!     The BioLife belt is the most durable CCW holster belt on the market today! The engineered material has an internal core of high grade...

  • Pocket Hook Holster
    Pocket Hook Holster   The Pocket Hook Holster allows for front pocket or cargo pocket carry, the shell covers the trigger guard area, and keeps the muzzle/sights on the leather. The hooks of the holster will snag on...