Nano Pocket Carry Wallet


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The Nano Pocket Carry Wallet combines the craft of leather working with new Kydex patterns for a unique minimalist wallet. 


This front pocket wallet is designed to carry plenty of cards between the leather and Kydex, while securing your bills under the band. A premium industrial elastomer has been selected, and rigorously tested for ruggedness. By using a band to secure the wallet plates, the thickness of the wallet is kept to a bare minimum. This is truly a very thin wallet


  • Works with 1 to 10+ cards AND up to 20 US bills 
  • Premium industrial elastomer band
  • Plush leather embossed with American Flag
  • Customized 2nd wallet plate
  • Each Nano Front Pocket Carry Wallet is made to order.


There are many Kydex wallets on the market. If you are looking for a minimalist Kydex wallet that is thin, and without extra bulk then I THANK YOU for choosing a Nano Pocket Carry Wallet.

100% Made in the USA.





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Feedback constructive

My third order. The first 2 orders excellent workmanship. This order required the buyer to complete the finish. The edges of the leather were not dyed to match the finish. I took care of it. But it was not what I expected as far as fit and finish. So this is meant to be constructive. Get back to quality. Would I buy from keyhole again? Absolutely. Just an honest feedback. All the best.
Posted by Mike C., Apr 17th 2020

Worth a try

My first try at a with a wallet not in my back pocket.... Got tired of bent and cracked cards.... Got my wife a Nano and she liked it so well decided to try it myself
Posted by undefined, Aug 8th 2017


This wallet is awesome! I love it. Wish I would have ditched my old leather (Grampa style ) wallet for this a long time ago.
Posted by Darrin, Sep 28th 2016

Nano pocket carry wallet

I have used folding leather wallets and kydex wallets but the Nano pocket carry wallet is the perfect credit card and business cards holder. I carry the wallet in my front left pocket, it's not bulky and it's very comfortable to carry. I would recommend this to everyone.
Posted by Dean C., Mar 12th 2016