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Recon OWB Hybrid Holster



The Recon OWB hybrid holster is designed for concealed carry. The unique outside the waistband GRIP-TUCK feature pulls the grips in close to your torso to prevent printing. The belt loops on the slide side are secured only to the leather backer allowing for a holster curve/pivot point. The belt loops on the trigger guard side of the holster are secured to the leather, and the 0.080" thick Kydex. These design features allow the holster to fit your waist size, and pulls the grip in close which MAXIMIZES CONCEALMENT. 


Cant and ride height is adjustable by removing, and replacing the 1.5" belt loops to the desired location. Adjustable retention allows you to set the retention where you like it, and allows for continued retention as the leather breaks-in conforming o the pistol. The injection molded belt loops are designed to prevent the holster from sliding on your belt. The leather is 12-13 ounce thick premium English bridle leather, and extends up the entire length of the pistol to keep the sights off your torso. This makes a significant difference if you are looking for an-day comfortable carry solution.


Highlights Include:

- OWB GRIP-TUCK design maximizes concealment.

- Proper retention to keep the pistol secure while concealed on your side.

- .080" Kydex Shell to protect and secure your pistol.

- 12-13 ounce English Bridle Leather

- Full secure grip, no leather or Kydex will impede your draw.

- Trigger guard is fully covered.

- Proper clearances allow for a clean smooth draw.



Quick Clips:  


  • Six-position adjustability

  • Strategic material thickness at hinge for additional strength and holding power

  • Finger grip tab for easy attachment or removal from belt

  • Belt claw keeps holster or belt-worn gear secure

  • Accommodates 1 3/4" wide belts up to 1/4" thick and 1 1/2" wide belts up to 7/16" thick

  • Made in the USA




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