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Sig Sauer IWB hybrid holster

This is a super unique and great holster. When I first bought it I was worried about the weight since it has the leather backing and I assumed it would be heavier than kydex. It's actually super light! If I remember correctly it came in around 4 oz for my P365XL holster so not much different then a full kydex. Except it's way more comfortable the leather takes some to break in; I think that's the only con. But! it's a con that goes away with time. The design and quality are grade A you can feel how premium these holsters are in hand. The one thing that I didn't think about when I purchased was how large and high the sweat guard was. It makes for an awkward draw on your compact and micro Compacts I don't think you'd have this issue with larger pistols like the 226, 229 or even the full size 320. It's new to me I'm sure I'll get around to the draw with more practice but it is something I did notice. Overall I'm totally going to continue buying my holsters here. I love it.
Posted by Luis M., Nov 21st 2020


$25 cheaper and 100% better than Crossbreed holsters. Thicker leather, better Kydex, and the MonoClip is great! Found Keyhole Holsters from a Co-Worker as I was looking for more IWB options (TB, Optics, Lights, Etc). I received within 2 weeks. My new IWB holster website!
Posted by Tanner, Nov 14th 2020