Single or Double Micro-Mag Carrier


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Micro-Mag Carrier


Rapid On-off or Tuck-n-hide options, See Pictures!!!

The inside the waistband (IWB) Micro-Mag Carrier provides a full leather backer to keep the rounds, and the magazine tips off your skin/torso. This design results in a small, all day concealed carry spare magazine solution.


Retention is adjustable, and there are no rivets to fail, or aluminum hardware to strip while making adjustments. All hardware is black oxide steel, and will last!



Choose the OWB/IWB Modular, IWB Rapid On-off, or the IWB Tuck-n-hide options:


1.5" and 1.75" Rapid On-off is not tuckable, but allows for quick adjustments while standing, sitting, and driving.


1.75" Spring steel clip is attached at a single point which allows for self adjusting cant.


1.5" TUCK-it option allows for a fixed cant up to 25 deg forward cant, and a shirt can be tucked between the clip and the pistol. When you select this option you can choose from 0,15,or 25 degree forward cant. this clip is fully adjustable by loosening the two screws, setting the position, and re-tightening. no disassembly is required.


ULTICLIP-3 option is a holster attachment which NO BELT is required. You can secure to gym shorts, sweat pants, bags, and pocket books.

Modular clip set option includes a 1.5" Rapid On-off, and 2pcs - Tuckable, 1.75" belt clips. In addition to the clips, the design incorporates 2 - belt slots for OWB Magazine carry.  An upgraded option with 2pcs - ULTICLIP-3 attachments are also available.


The magazine holster is designed for Left or Right handed carry, as well as rounds facing forward or rearward.


Made in USA.  


5 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
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Extra magazine holster

Just like the my nano rapid on-off hybrid holster I previously purchased this extra magazine holster fits just right. Can’t say enough about the quality and comfort of keyhole holsters products.
Posted by Matthew, Nov 5th 2020

Simply the Best Leather/Kydex Mag Carrier

This is my fourth mag carrier from Keyhole. Every one of them looks, feels, and performs great. I’ve tried many other brands but I keep coming back to Keyhole because of the solid quality and comfort.
Posted by Anon, Feb 1st 2019

Glock30 .45acp mag holster

Perfection!! Hands down the best Hoslters on the market and I been thought quite a few of the popular brands, KeyHole is like when you find the prefect phone case for your phone you can stop wasting your money on the other stuff because you finely found the best.
Posted by Garry Surber, Dec 7th 2018

Top quality product!

Really enjoy this mag holder. Very easy rapid on/off capability. Goes great with my Keyhole Holster CW rapid on/off Glock 27(S&W 40cal) holster I bought on Amazon. Probably should have bought 2 or double mag when ordering. Can't never have enough mags!
Posted by J Houston, Dec 5th 2018

Great product as usual!

As usual, Keyhole provided me a very nice mag carrier (this is my 3rd one). The leather is good quality and looks and feels great! The a good selection of customization options enables you to have a nice personalized carrier. Fit is also very good; you can make some minor adjustments by tightening or loosening the screws. The only hint that would make this perfect is a retention notch with a nice, tactile “click” when you insert the mag to let you know that it’s completely feels secure as is with simple tension and I haven’t had any issues with loose mags or any falling out, but that extra but would be nice. All in all great product.
Posted by Anon, Sep 20th 2018

Great quality and comfort

The leather on this carrier is very comfortable and it gets better as you wear it in. The options and build quality are very good. The only thing I wish they offered are more weapons choices (eg CZ P10c & FN 509), and clips that matched the color of the carrier and not just your standard black...that would make these perfect.
Posted by Anon., Sep 6th 2018


I have the double mag and for some reason like a dumbass should of bought the single mag holster also. First it looks great. My teammates loves the rustic flag. Mags fit Snug. Build and looks so great my teammates are getting there set.
Posted by Anon, Aug 15th 2018


The same quality and craftsmanship that goes into his holsters is evident with his mag carriers . It's holds the mag nice and secure while not being overly tight. It stays put!... no need for constantly adjusting. ...what's not to like!
Posted by undefined, Jul 21st 2016

Awesome mag carrier

I couldnt get over how comfortable the mag carrier was from day 1
Posted by Jim , Jul 4th 2016